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Postby ESwift » Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:33 pm

For Those who are new to these forums, here are some answers to questions you may have:

1) What is the Society of Metaphysicians?

The Society of Metaphysicians aims to study and propagate the principles expounded by the Founder of the Society, the late John Williamson, in the system he called Neometaphysics. These principles are referred to as 'Fundamental Laws' and are simple statements of the way reality works.

2) How can I join the Society of Metaphysicians?

The Society of Metaphysicians no longer has any structured membership system. However, you are welcome to study the published Society material available on the website at . You are also welcome to register here on these forums, where you can ask questions, comment on and discuss the material with other new students and with those who have been students, members, teachers and Council members of the Society for many years.

3) Is the Society of Metaphysicians a religion?

No. The Society of Metaphysicians is affiliated with no religious or political belief. It is concerned solely with exploring and applying the principles of Neometaphysics, which have universal value in everything from electronics to economics and can be used by everyone from physicists to psychics.
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